Industrial automation

Control Solutions is a young company, but built on many years of its employees’ experience in the automotive industry. Our staff have gained extensive experience in designing control systems, programming and commissioning production lines for the biggest and most demanding car manufacturers worldwide.

Experience and knowledge

Working with cutting-edge equipment and systems, which are in use for the car manufacturing industry, we are able to fullfill even the most ambitious and complex tasks our customers set us.

Technical basis

We have our own instruments for the measurement and simulation of equipment and machinery, equipped with PLC programmers and HMI operator panels. We are capable of creating software and simulating the work of prototype devices.


Many companies have trusted our experience 

Welcome in new headquarters

Witamy w nowej siedzibie

Company Control Solutions moved to a new location in the Banino,  Gdansk area. Currently, there is a design office,  assembly schopfloor  and a research laboratory. The new location will allow the company to increase its range of activities, including the mechanical design and assembly . In the future, this will allow create innovative, custom made stations and machines for such industries as automotive, food, pharmaceutical, wood or fish processing, with simultaneous expansion on the Polish and foreign markets.

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